Tourist attractions in Qatar


Tourist attractions in Qatar
Tourist attractions in Qatar

Qatar is surrounded by natural and man-made wonders, and there is much to see and do in this country that has many different places between leisure areas, cultural and historical monuments, in addition to natural places, gardens, parks and beautiful beaches. Pleasant surprises await visitors of all ages in and around Doha.

recreation places in qatar

desert and inland sea

The largest expanses of desert are located southwest of Doha, a desert characterized by its high sand dunes that are a great attraction for recreational safaris or to enjoy the picturesque landscape. You can take a trip to the desert to admire the serene beauty, golden sand dunes and sea, and the exciting adventures start driving over the sand dunes as if you were driving a fast locomotive.


Doha's famous Corniche is a promenade with a distinct sea view that wraps around Doha Bay for a length of seven kilometres, and enjoys breathtaking views of the city, including the tall towers, the city's business center, and the prominent figures of the Museum of Islamic Art. The Corniche is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Doha, where there is a promenade along the bay decorated with statues, flowers and fountains, and there are daily boat trips that take visitors around the bay.

The cultural district (Katara).

The Cultural Village (Katara), located in the Western Bay lagoon, is considered a microcosm of the Middle East and North Africa region, and although it emulates Arabic and Islamic architectural style, it reflects the rich diversity of delicacies and cuisines that characterize different countries. .

Katara also includes the Opera House and a marble theater, as well as art galleries, shops, and the headquarters of many social clubs. It is one of the distinctive landmarks of Doha which boasts a large beach, and is considered one of the largest projects in the State of Qatar with multiple cultural dimensions, as many cultural and heritage events are organized and hosted, and the public visits it to learn about the cultures of the world through its wonderful theaters, concert halls, exhibition halls and other facilities. Sophisticated.

Souq Waqif

The history of Souq Waqif dates back to ancient times when Doha was just a small village. The original market was rebuilt in the same old style, and the market is now a cultural oasis that retains the charm of the old market.

Souq Waqif is an ideal place to enjoy an authentic shopping experience in the city and soak up the atmosphere of traditional Arab commerce and local architecture. Convenience stores offer a surprising range of Middle Eastern merchandise such as spices, seasonal delicacies, perfumes, jewelry and clothing, as well as traditional handicrafts and a wide range of souvenirs. Traditional music together with cultural and artistic shows contribute to the exceptional atmosphere.

Souq Waqif Doha is a distinguished shopping and dining venue, renovated in keeping with traditional Qatari architecture. There is also Souq Waqif Al-Wakra - known as Souq Al-Wakra - which overlooks the sea and includes a variety of restaurants, and both markets host special celebrations during the holidays. Experience this vibrant market for everything from spices to jewelry and apparel.

The Pearl – Qatar

The Pearl Island comprises a variety of architecturally distinctive areas, including numerous entertainment facilities, famous restaurants and luxury boutiques, as well as an internationally award-winning marina and beautiful, serene beaches.

The Pearl - Qatar is a masterpiece of architecture that combines the characteristics of modern life and modern lifestyles, through which life is transformed into realism, hope, optimism and brilliance, wherever your eyes are.

Museums and historic sites

Qatar has a host of museums and historic sites that include amazing artifacts that highlight the region's past eras, including:

Museum of Islamic Art

The building of the Museum of Islamic Art, designed by the famous architect I. Mãe. Bay, is a symbol of the State of Qatar. The museum, located on land reclaimed from the waters of the Corniche, draws its influence from Islamic architecture.

The building is made of limestone, which reflects the changing light and transforms it into multiple tones that differ with the progression of the hours of the day. Geometric patterns from the Islamic world decorate the museum spaces and show the enormity of the building from the inside.

Arab Museum of Modern Art

The Arab Museum of Modern Art was established in 2010 and is located in Education City, on the Qatar Foundation campus. The museum organizes large and varied exhibitions, as well as extensive educational programs that play an important role in making the museum a center for dialogue and research and a source of creativity.

The museum also hosts individual and group exhibitions by artists from across the region, as well as activities that explore and celebrate modern and contemporary art.

Orientalist Museum

The Orientalist Museum of Qatar is the only institution of its kind. The museum's collections document the process of cultures meeting through a collection of works of art and applied art. This issue resonates widely with the public in Qatar, where different nationalities live together. Museum exhibits will also encourage dialogue and discussion outside the galleries.

Al Zubarah Fort

Al-Zubarah Fort is one of the historical and heritage sites to visit during Eid Al-Adha holidays. For our ancestors, this castle was a prosperous fishing port and pearl trade. Today, it is the greatest asset of the State of Qatar, with its magnificent wall, residential palaces, houses, markets, industrial zones and mosques.

It is one of the best surviving examples of a Gulf town based on trade during the period between the 18th and 19th centuries, which will be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.

Until recently, the castle was used as a police station and is now a heritage site. Prisoners were held in cells accessible only by rickety stairs, leaving only one cell open to the public.

Other tourist areas in qatar


A small village and an ideal place for nature lovers, it is famous for its marshes where you can dive and live on fish and sea slugs.

Umm Salal Mohammed Village

The streets of the village represent the ancient architecture of Qatar, as well as the famous Barzan Towers, which were built in the early 20th century. And Barzan means high place and its history goes back to the pearl fishermen, where they could see the Barzan Towers on their return from pearl mining trips.

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