Tourism in Brazil -10 cities you must see


Tourism in Brazil -10 cities you must see
Tourism in Brazil 

Brazil is the largest country in South America, covering almost half of the continent. Much of it is tropical, with vast expanses of rainforest filled with exotic plants and wildlife. This is in addition to the many tourist and natural ingredients that have made Brazil a popular tourist destination. Discover, through this report, tourism in Brazil, the land of samba, its enchanting nature and its most important tourist attractions...

For tourists, Brazil is a tropical paradise, an exciting cultural destination and many tourist attractions. It's where the perfect beach vacations, jungle explorations, world-class art museums and carnival vibes come to Rio de Janeiro.

Discovering tourism in Brazil

The Brazilian Atlantic coast stretches for 7,400 kilometers, with golden beaches and turquoise waters.

Brazil dominates the land area of South America and is a huge country with a diverse population. It is characterized by the reverberation of samba music in the streets of its cities at Carnival time, while die-hard football fans scream their hearts out in their stadiums.

Added to this are the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a rich cultural heritage. Brazil's cities also have an endless array of sights and attractions.

The best time to travel to Brazil

The best time to visit Brazil is from September to October. The reason for this is to avoid the peak period and congestion, as well as to avoid the rigors of winter and the peak of the rainy season. During this period, in autumn, Brazil is warmer.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid the peak tourist season in Brazil, which runs from December to March. This is especially true if you want to explore the wild nature of the Amazon rainforest. The best time to visit is during the months of July and September. But if you want to attend the famous Rio Carnival in Brazil, you can plan to visit in February or early March.

The most important tourist cities in Brazil

To discover the best tourist cities and their attractions that are worth visiting, and the activities you can do, use this list to discover the best tourist attractions in tourist cities in Brazil...

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world, as it is a wonderful tourist city and very popular with tourists. It is home to the famous Copacabana beach and along Guanabara Bay. All these ingredients make it a wonderful and unique city to visit.

Picturesque Ipanema beach, tropical jungle-covered mountains and the brightly colored favelas that dot Brazil's second-largest city complete this majestic landscape. This city that speaks for itself is also famous for the most famous carnival in the world, the "Carnaval do Rio". Furthermore, we cannot neglect the sound of samba, which permeates its spirit and characteristics, giving it a lively character. Also make sure to go to the Maracanã stadium to watch a football match. Even if you don't like sports, we advise you to try to visit the place, where there is excitement, a competitive atmosphere and a unique enthusiasm.

The most important tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro

  • Copacabana beach.
  • Ipanema beach.
  • Sugar Mountain.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • District of Santa Teresa.
  • Lapa district.
  • Tijuca National Park.
  • Maracana Stadium.
  • Lagoon Region
  • Tourism in Florianopolis

Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. The city of Florianópolis is divided into two parts, half of which is located on the mainland and the other half on an island. Florianópolis has a group of the most beautiful tourist beaches in Brazil. It is a very popular tourist city in Brazil. It is here that tourists come to relax and enjoy a variety of recreational activities and tourist areas worth visiting.

It is worth noting though that recent development projects have somewhat damaged the waterfront. However, Florianópolis has managed to retain much of its charm. For example, it is distinguished by the old market. In addition to forty-two beaches, the group offers many facilities and activities such as water sports, paragliding and hiking. Do not hesitate to include it in your tour program to discover it.

The most important tourist attractions in Florianópolis

  • Florianopolis beaches.
  • Historic center.
  • Public market.
  • Hercilio Luz Bridge.
  • Castle of Santo Antonio de Ratones.
  • Florianopolis Museums.
  • Tourism in Brasilia

Inaugurated in 1960, the Brazilian capital of Brasilia was built with the intention that this planned city would be the future of modern Brazil. And that's where modern architecture is. When you visit it, you will find large green spaces, gardens and many monuments of the modern city. All of this was created in a remarkably short period of time.

Brasilia is a unique city and well worth a visit. A city with a lively nightlife and vibrant cultural scene, it is well worth exploring. This makes it easy to find notable architectural monuments and their main tourist attractions, as they are mostly located in a large area, but largely separated from the local commercial and residential areas.

The most important tourist attractions in Brasilia

  • Terras Poders Square.
  • Television tower.
  • National Congress.
  • Brasilia National Park.
  • Arches Palace.
  • Aboriginal Museum.
  • Don Bosco Church.
  • Tourism in Sao Paulo

This megacity is the largest in Brazil, with over twenty million people living in the country. Despite its crowds, it's a lovely city to explore. Visitors love to explore its vast territory, where there are world-class tourist attractions.

São Paulo tourism has many good restaurants, not to mention cultural sites, including more than seventy museums, in addition to a group of theaters. In addition, São Paulo has a concrete jungle, mountains and a rainforest nearby, offering locals and tourists a break from the busy city life. It is a cosmopolitan city, with a thriving cultural diversity that is well worth exploring on a visit to Brazil.

The most important sites in São Paulo

  • Pinacoteca Museum.
  • Ipiranga Museum.
  • Japanese house.
  • Municipal Theater.
  • Oh from borogodo.
  • Ibirapuera's Park.
  • Off San Francisco.
  • Benedictine Abbey.
  • Samba Village.
  • Football Museum.
  • Tourism in Foz do Iguacu

The city of Foz do Iguaçu is one of the natural wonders of the world, where the majestic landscape of the stunning Iguaçu Falls is the main attraction of Foz do Iguaçu. This city, which is well worth a visit, is located on the border with Argentina, and you should see the water falling on both sides of the falls, in a wonderful setting that fascinates with its beauty.

On the Brazilian side, you'll find panoramic views of the giant falls. The city of Foz do Iguaçu is named after the mouth of the river it sits on, and is a suitable place to explore the area's waterfalls and other natural attractions before heading into Argentina, so be sure to explore.

Main tourist attractions in Foz do Iguaçu

  • Waterfalls of Iguaçu.
  • Itaipu dam.
  • Bird Garden.
  • Itaipu Museum.
  • Dreamland Wax Museum.
  • Bella Vista Biological Reserve.
  • Aquamania Foz City of Water.
  • Foz Blue Park.
  • Tourism in Curitiba

The city of Curitiba is an excellent example of what effective urban planning can achieve. And while it's not the best city in the world, it's a good place to spend time while touring Brazil, as the beautiful botanical gardens are a highlight.

Urban planning has transformed Curitiba into a green and exuberant city, although it doesn't have many views to impress. If you are still planning your tour program in Braille, we suggest that you include it in your program and explore it yourself.

The most important tourist attractions in Curitiba

  • Theater War.
  • Old Town Hall.
  • Wide See.
  • Marhaba Panoramic Tower.
  • UFPR Museum of Art.
  • Federal University of Paraná.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Grand Order.
  • Oscar Niemeyer museum.
  • Tourism in Manaus

Manaus is located in the heart of the rainforest, making it the ideal tourist destination for adventurers who want to explore the Amazon rainforest. Manaus is known for being located at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, for its large public buildings and for being the free trade zone in Brazil. It attracts many tourists for shopping at its rich markets, natural attractions, colonial buildings and a host of other diverse activities.

Although tourism in a city mainly depends on the natural attractions that characterize it. However, Manaus is a big city and there are quite a few places to visit. One of the most beautiful and wonderful natural phenomena in Manaus can also be seen, which is the phenomenon of the confluence of the waters of the Negro River with the Amazon River. It is here that the waters of the two rivers meet, although tens of kilometers apart, without ever mixing.

The most important tourist attractions in Manaus

  • Janeiro Ecological Park.
  • Northman Museum.
  • Museum of India.
  • Amazon Theater.
  • Rio Negro Palace.
  • Meeting of the Waters.
  • Anavelhanas Islands.
  • Adolfo Market, Lisbon.
  • Opera

Tourism in Fortaleza

Fortaleza, located on the northeast coast of Brazil, is a dynamic city with a large number of beaches to visit. And as one of the biggest tourist cities in Brazil, it is characterized by a busy life. Many tourists come here to party and enjoy the beaches in and around the city.

Famous throughout the country, Fortaleza is home to the influential Florentine musician and composer José de Alcincar. Although there aren't many tourist attractions per se, the beauty of its beaches and its fun atmosphere make up for it.

The most important tourist attractions in Fortaleza

  • Beach Park.
  • Future beach.
  • Iracema Beach.
  • Coco State Park.
  • Central Market Castle.
  • Mucorbi Beach.
  • Sabiaguaba Beach.
  • Museum of Photography.
  • Bridge of the Britons.

Tourism in Belem

The city of Belém is considered the best city to visit in the Amazon, since the number of tourists in Belém increases compared to the city of Manaus. Peli has a beautiful center, beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine. Belém is located on the Gulf of Guajara, close to the mouth of the Amazon. Here you can take excursions to other places along the coast, as well as go along the Amazon River itself and enjoy the most amazing panoramic views.

It is a residential area with beautiful gardens, easily accessible from the city by train or tram. The vast area around the river also offers a wonderful seafront promenade, as well as excellent cafes and restaurants along the way. In addition, there is a group of wonderful museums and a world cultural center.

The most important tourist attractions in Belém

  • Zubota Park.
  • Rodrigues Alves Forest.
  • Boat Fortress.
  • Theater of Peace.
  • The Millennium House is a window.
  • Cirio Museum.
  • Museum of Sacred Art.
  • Antonio Lemos and Mab Manor.
  • State Museum of Pará.
  • Ver-o-Peso Market.
  • Dux Railway Station.

Tourism in Campo Grande

Campo Grande is a city of character. The wealth of this rural municipality comes from cattle raising and agriculture. The brown earth on which it was built earned it the nickname "the brown city". It served as an important stop on the trade route between Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and southern Brazil.

During tourism in Campo Grande, you can carry out many tourist activities. For example, you can take a boat trip to watch birds and crocodiles, or a horseback ride through the fields, as well as bird watching on foot or in an open-top car. In addition, you can go on a night game drive to see nocturnal animals. Some lodges also offer canoe trips, fishing trips or specialized bird watching tours. This is one of the tourist cities in Brazil that we suggest you explore.

The most important tourist attractions in Campo Grande

  • Horto Florestal Park.
  • Church of San Jose.
  • Japanese Immigration Memorial.
  • Don Bosco Museum.
  • Indigenous Nations Park.
  • Museum of Cultures of Don Bosco.
  • Lake of Sidnei Baptista da Silva (Lake of Love).
  • Vitinho Park.

Tips before traveling and sightseeing in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most popular tourist countries with its natural wonders. Despite Brazil's popularity as a tourist, caution should be exercised as it is likely to be surrounded by high levels of danger. To avoid this and have a safe vacation, here are some important tips to ensure a safer and more enjoyable trip to Brazil.

Guidance for use in remote areas

Places like the Pantanal and the Amazon rainforest are among Brazil's natural wonders, with an extraordinary variety of rare and fascinating wildlife. It is also home to potentially dangerous animals such as leopards, anacondas, crocodiles, poisonous spiders and parasites. So always remember that you are a guest in these areas, survival and death becomes a real problem if you don't take reasonable measures seriously. We advise you to go with a backpacker guide to the Pantanal or the Amazon rainforest, to make the most of your trip and avoid any danger.

Don't try to be a hero

If you or your friends are faced with an unpleasant situation like a robbery, don't try to negotiate, grab your belongings or resist. Hand over your belongings without any problem, as the fight could put your life in danger. In fact, many thieves feel they have nothing to lose and are not afraid of going to jail. Although I didn't carry a gun or a knife, I assumed something could be hidden. And think of it as an exciting travel story to tell when you get back!

red crossing lights

Contrary to what everyone learned in driving school, it is generally acceptable to run through red lights at night in major cities, as long as there is no other traffic. The reasoning behind this is that stopping at traffic lights on an empty street can put you at risk of being robbed of your car. You can therefore drive through red lights as a precaution to avoid this possibility.

Use mosquito repellent

And this is where mosquitoes are booming in some parts of Brazil, and some of them carry unwanted gifts like dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, most recently the current outbreak in Rio de Janeiro. The effects of these viruses can be devastating, such as severe birth defects and even death in people with low immunity. Therefore, to avoid this tragedy, we advise you to use an anti-mosquito product every day and before going to bed.

Do not drive a motorcycle in cities

With heavy traffic in Brazil's big cities, driving a motorcycle can seem like a time saver. However, it involves high risks, as on average almost three people die every day in motorcycle accidents in the city of São Paulo. For those who are not familiar with the roads or do not know how to drive in Brazil, the risk can be even greater. Therefore, it is better to waste time using public transport while traveling in Brazil than to risk your life.

get vaccinated

Traveling to Brazil does not necessarily mean that you have to be vaccinated. Especially for trips to cities like Rio de Janeiro or visits to the south of the country. However, if your trip includes a visit to the Amazon rainforest, vaccination is strongly recommended. Basic vaccines include hepatitis A, typhoid and yellow fever. It is also recommended for malaria.

Information about Brazil

  • Capital: Brasilia.
  • Currency: Brazilian real.

Language: The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. The Portuguese language in Brazil is different from the Portuguese language. It is the same as English in Britain and the United States. Spanish is also widely spoken in Brazil and is considered an official and recognized language in many parts of Brazil. This is in addition to a large number of other national languages.

Location: Brazil is located in the eastern part of South America, in the Western Hemisphere. It is bounded by many countries and bodies of water. It shares its northern border with Venezuela, French Guiana, Guyana and the Republic of Suriname. It also borders to the northwest with Colombia, while to the southwest it borders Paraguay and Argentina. As for its coastal borders, it meets the Atlantic Ocean from the east.

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