tourism in Rwanda -10 reasons why you should enjoy


tourism in Rwanda -10 reasons why you should enjoy
tourism in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country located in East Africa, and its name means the city of a thousand hills. The country of Rwanda is the main source of the Nile. The city is famous for being home to a rare species of mountain gorillas, as well as containing many tropical forests, which are a suitable living place for mountain gorillas. The city is also rich in mountains, valleys, lakes and abundant wildlife. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful places where you can spend your holidays, as you will enjoy exploring the country's natural life, and today, in this article, we will discuss 10 reasons that will allow you to enjoy it during your tourism in Rwanda.

tourist attractions in Rwanda

1- Enjoy beautiful trips:

Whether you prefer walking or cycling, Rwanda offers you many interesting trips, as it has a vast network of trails that cover more than 130 kilometers and last between two hours and four days, which will make your trip interesting and enjoyable. , so you can walk in the International Volcanoes Park, which covers an area of 8090 km and dates back to 1925, is home to mountain gorillas, so you will have personal conversations with him. The park has an enormous biological and plant diversity. The park is one of the most popular parks that attract many tourists. It is 3,711 meters high and has an active volcano. The mountain is located within the Rwandan Volcanoes National Park. Here you can enjoy many beautiful green cliffs and you can visit Mount Karisimbi, which requires a two-day trip.

2- Visit the shore of Lake Kivu:

The lake is one of the great lakes in Africa. It is the sixth largest lake in Africa. It extends over an area of 90 kilometers along the border with the Republic of Congo. Near it there is a group of hills covered with a beautiful green color. One of the most beautiful towns overlooking the lake is Karongi, from where boats can be taken. Head to Napoleon Island and see the fruit bats there, and the island has a number of beautiful beaches which contain a number of different fun water sports.

3- Visit to the Rwandan capital:

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is characterized by its clean streets and contains a number of wonderful shopping centres, popular markets and boutiques, as well as modern and bright cafes and restaurants offering different types of delicious food, so taking a guided tour is a must. one of the fun things that will allow you to get to know the city's inhabitants and their daily traditions.

4- Learn more about the history of Rwanda:

Rwanda is one of the countries that has suffered from the effects of violence for many years, as the city has been exposed to many horrible genocides, which started on a large scale in 1994 AD, when the Hunu group launched an extermination campaign against the Tuti tribe. In addition to exposing hundreds of women to rape, the population resisted and overcame the ordeal. A visit to the Kigali museum is a wonderful opportunity to understand the history of this city and the horrific massacres that took place there. The museum contains a garden decorated with roses that symbolize unity and reconciliation.

5- Visit Nyungwe Forest Park

This is one of the wonderful national parks as it contains the most wonderful natural scenes there are. The park is located in the southwest corner of Rwanda. The park is home to many rainforests. It surrounds you everywhere, and in the park there is a metal bridge suspended fifty meters above the forest, which gives you a panoramic view of the entire park, which is why the place is very popular in Rwanda.

6- Taste the food in Rwanda:

Rwanda has an excellent diversity in its food, so many vegetarian dishes can be found. You can find fried green plantains, a pumpkin dish with beans, roasted sweet potatoes, vegetables and spinach, as well as a wide variety of wonderful meat dishes, especially goat meat. There is also a wide variety of fish in Rwandan cuisine. Brilliant sardines and small tilapia.

7- Fun Safari:

The city is an excellent place for wonderful safaris as it contains many beautiful parks managed by African organizations. The most famous of these parks is Akagera Park, which contains an enormous biological diversity in addition to a series of lakes and swamps with a magnificent view over the highlands whose peaks are covered in a beautiful green color, and Akagera Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Africa, which is why it is considered very popular. It is visited by hundreds every day.

8- Vision of manic monkey:

Rwanda is a suitable place to see monkeys descended from the chimpanzee family and found in their natural environment, as they have more than 13 different types of monkeys, and these monkeys are distinguished by their funny appearance, whose habitat is found in bamboo forests. Inside Volcanoes National Park, and all the monkeys in the park like to have fun and spread joy when they see them, and they can enjoy serving them food, and there are monkeys in the garden that look like they are in old age with the features of a big face and a long white beard.

9- Learn more about traditional Rwandan dance:

Traditional Rwandan dancing is one of the historical and folkloric things that the city has been famous for since ancient times, and it was always organized to celebrate the return of soldiers from battle, as it consisted of a group of dancers who jumped to the beat. drumming and singing in addition to a group of women wearing colorful traditional dresses while the men wore headdresses made from long white grass, and if you want to see traditional Rwandan dance performances, you can find them at the King's Palace Museum in Nyanza or at the Center Cultural Sacola in Kinigi, which offer a group of traditional dance shows during which you will discover some of the oldest and most beautiful folklore performances associated with the country's culture.

10- Cycling:

There is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a bike ride with national team members in Rwanda, amidst a group of beautiful mountain trails, which increases your sense of adventure and enthusiasm. There are many travel agencies that organize these trips, so they will take you on a half day training trip beforehand with a basic set of necessary instructions. Keeping safe and teaching the different techniques of riding a bike, as well as knowing the different roads and trying to tell them apart. There are also many guided tours that can go on for several days with a member of the Rwandan team, making it an exciting and unforgettable experience.

   This concludes our report on tourism in Rwanda and the most important activities that can be done there.

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