Tourism in New York and the 23 most important places to visit


Tourism in New York and the 23 most important places to visit
Tourism in New York and the 23 most important places to visit

Traveling to the United States of America is a big dream that haunts most of the world's population, especially young people, and perhaps the name of "New York" tourism in New York is the first thing that comes to mind whenever one mentions of tourism. in America, so today we will talk about tourism in New York, this state is considered one of the largest states in terms of population density in America, as well as the most important cities in the United States.

New York State is located in the northeast of the country and includes the most important monuments of the United States, and perhaps the Statue of Liberty is the most famous monument, but what you don't know is that it is not the only monument that characterizes this great state, so today we are going to discover the tourist attractions of New York, those monuments that attract millions of people every year.

The most important monuments of New York :

The most important tourist sites in New York

1- Statue of Liberty National Monument

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most important monuments in New York and perhaps many consider it the most important and famous monument in the United States of America in general. It is worth noting that this statue is one of the main attractions of a trip to New York.

The history of this great monument dates back to 1886, when France donated it to the United States of America, to strengthen relations between the two countries and on the occasion of the centenary of the American Revolution.

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York State on New York Bay and represents the liberal freethinking and democracy enjoyed by the United States. The height of the statue is 93 meters. The most important monuments of New York.

2- The Empire State Building

If you are looking for the most important tourist places in New York, the name of the Empire State Building will not be missing in the search results, which is not just an ordinary multi-story building, but is the tallest skyscraper tallest building in New York, with an elevation of 1250 feet, consisting of 102 floors, as well as 72 elevators.

The Empire State Building is a major landmark for travel to New York, as statistics have confirmed that it is one of the most visited landmarks in the country, with nearly 3.8 million visitors each year.

The Empire State Building isn't just a tourist hub; it is rather an important business center of New York, as it includes 1,000 offices; therefore, when visiting this building, one should not expect to enjoy absolute peace and quiet, as it is one of the vital centers of the city, which attracts thousands of people every day.

3- Observation platform from the top of the rock

Seeing New York from above is amazing, isn't it?

So, if you are passionate about it, we advise you to go immediately to the Top of the Rock, this distinguished platform that dominates the whole city, because it is one of the most famous tourist centers of Manhattan, here you can see the skyscrapers that appear in the films of Hollywood, and you can also take the most beautiful photos in the company of this magnificent panoramic view.

We recommend buying Top of the Rock tickets online to avoid crowds, as this unique building receives thousands of visits a day and its ticket offices are always busy with visitors.

4-Times Square

Who among us has never heard of Times Square, whose name is always on everyone's lips: some call it "center of the earth", others "heart of the world", because it is the first meeting point of visitors and residents of the city.

The highlight of Times Square is the huge billboards and gigantic buildings that attract photography enthusiasts, so when you go to Times Square don't forget to bring your camera with you to capture the most unique photos of New York.

Times Square includes New York's most famous entertainment venues, including restaurants, various cafes and theaters, as well as major international shopping malls. A visit to Times Square will be best for shopaholics. It should be noted that this world square annually welcomes almost 50 million tourists. Because it is one of the most famous places in New York.

5- Brooklyn Bridge

Tourism in New York will take you to the Brooklyn Suspension Bridge, the bridge that we have often seen in movies, as it connects the cities of Brooklyn and Manhattan; The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges among America's landmarks, and it is this that has made it today one of the most popular tourist spots in New York.

What makes the Brooklyn Bridge so special is its unique architectural style. The Brooklyn Bridge was designed in the Gothic style, a European architectural style that emerged in the late Middle Ages and was characterized by sophistication and grandeur.

Therefore, if your next destination is New York tourism, don't miss your chance and take pictures with this great bridge right away.

6- Grand Central Terminal

Planning a trip to New York cannot do without a visit to Grand Central Station, the station that Americans consider a precious legacy left to them by their ancestors. It's not just a station with a prime location in Manhattan; it is also the main forum for tourism in New York.

Here friends and families gather, as Grand Central Station offers visitors more than 35 restaurants, and shopaholics also meet here: with its 60 stores, Grand Central is one of the most popular shopping destinations in New York City. York.

It is worth mentioning that Grand Central Station was founded in 1913 and was distinguished by its elegant architecture. Since then, the station has become an important meeting place for art lovers. Over time, Grand Central has become a station with an important historical dimension, making it one of the most important tourist spots in New York that is worth visiting.

7- One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is one of the best places in New York, as this huge building is considered one of the main attractions of the State, as millions of tourists visit it every year, to enjoy the advantages that the World Trade Center offers to every visitor, starting with the distinctive elevator, which shows New York's more than 500-year history in one minute.

The signature Sky Pod elevator takes you to the 360-degree observation deck, the platform that gives you the opportunity to view the city's landmarks from the 100th floor and the towering skyscrapers that surround it, all in one integrated panoramic scene .

Don't forget to head to the Sky Portal, this wonderful section that gives you the opportunity to stand on a glass base, so you can see what's going on in the streets of New York, at a height of 14 feet, and not forget to take the most beautiful selfies with this splendid view.

After completing the Sky Portal adventure, you can enjoy yourself in one of the high-end cafes or restaurants located in the Trade Center, imagining that you are dining among the tall skyscrapers, it is truly a wonderful experience that you cannot miss.

The most important parks in New York

1- Central Park

Among the tourist destinations in New York are the sprawling Central Park; is the ideal destination for those visiting Manhattan in New York, as it offers the visitor many distinct recreational activities, the most prominent of which is the walk in the park, which covers an area of 3.4 km.

In addition, Central Park offers an excellent opportunity to practice different types of sports, such as walking, running, cycling and playing ball, and if you like to relax, you can do it; just choose the right place away from the noise of visitors.

Many consider Central Park to be the ideal place for families and friends, so you can pack enough food and drinks, then head to Central Park for a wonderful picnic, and don't forget to take a boat ride on the lake which is at the center of the park, to complete your amusement experience.

It is worth noting that Central Park is considered one of the most visited areas in New York, as it receives 37.5 million visitors every year, the most important feature of which is to host loud concerts and various competitions, so it is one of the most important tourist spots in New York.

2- The garden of the High Line

The tourist spots in New York do not stop, but there are some main points that no tourist can miss, and the High Line Park is one of these main points, as it was opened in 2009, after following the trend for many years railroad in New York, but it was later removed and is now one of New York's premier tourist hubs.

The High Line Garden is characterized by sophistication and elegance, making it an ideal destination for taking photographs. The garden consists of a long iron bridge, flanked by trees and hardy plants on both sides, so this ideal garden cannot be ignored without a visit.

3- Bryant Park

Enjoying some peace amidst the noise of New York is amazing, and that's what Bryant Park is for you. It is a large garden, characterized by calm and a decidedly youthful atmosphere. In Bryant Park it is possible to participate in free yoga lessons and, if you are a chess enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity to involve your friends: it will be an excellent opportunity to meet new ones.

During the summer days, every Monday, Bryant Park hosts a special movie night, sure to be fun with friends. Be a distinctive cultural symbol.

Here you will find a number of cafes and restaurants serving snacks, to complement your visit to the beautiful park, which visitors consider one of the most beautiful tourist spots in New York.

4-Madison Square Garden

We are not exaggerating when we say that Madison Square Garden is the most famous in the world, yes, this magnificent square has hosted the most popular celebrities in the world, the most important of which are Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga, so all the singers in the world they dream of holding their concerts here, between the skyscrapers of New York, and on the ground that has met the hottest celebrities.

For this reason, Madison Square Garden is often crowded with visitors, even on loud concert days, as it holds a special place among art lovers in the world and is therefore one of the most popular tourist spots in New York.

5- Bronx Zoo

Animal lovers will find their passion in New York, as here is the largest zoo in the United States of America, Bronx Park, a park that ranks among the largest zoos in the world.

The Bronx park is home to more than 4,000 animals, of 650 different species, including those in danger of extinction, so the park receives millions of visits every year, both from animal lovers and from children eager to learn more this world.

The Bronx Zoo spans 265 acres, and the park has been divided into sections for each species, including sections for pets and others for predatory animals, as well as a section for birds and various reptiles.

6- Piazza Washington park

Washington Square Park is one of the most important tourist spots in New York. It is not just a large park with green spaces, but rather a meeting place for friends and families, as well as an important venue for the city's cultural and artistic events, so if your next destination is tourism New York, you should not miss this visit.

In Washington Square Park there are dozens of international restaurants, which open their doors to visitors 24 hours a day. The square also hosts many important parties and events, and this is what attracts young people.

As for groups who enjoy a noisy nightlife, Washington Square Park will surely be their first refuge, as this warm square with an incredible atmosphere hosts thousands of people every day, and millions every year, locals and tourists alike, and is therefore one of the most important tourist areas of New York.

7- Prospect Park

We are talking about Prospect Park, a park with a peaceful nature, which covers an area of 585 acres. It is a large area with a characteristic green colour. This park has a climate that differs from the rituals of other New York parks. It is the ideal park for relaxing or for strolling alone among the distant green spaces.

There are special areas for cycling enthusiasts, who can take their bikes and ride around the park, after finishing their visit to the park; don't forget to go to the southern part, the one which contains the big lake, it will make your dreams of relaxation come true, in the most beautiful scenery, where greenery, water and ducks are floating in the lake, it is really one of the best tourist destinations in New York.

The most important museums in New York

1- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tourism in New York is not limited to parks and various entertainment venues, but this famous state has a group of outstanding museums, and perhaps the most famous of these museums is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, founded in 1870. It is was established in 1870 to include an endless collection of traces of various human civilizations.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located near Central Park, which means that you can easily reach the museum, one of the symbols of the city of New York, which has attracted great interest from history buffs from all over the world, since that the annual number of its visitors has reached nearly 6 million.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is notable for its Gothic architectural style and the inclusion within its walls of a group of ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian civilization, the Assyrian civilization, the European civilization and other human civilizations. For this reason, the Metropolitan Museum has been called the "world's circle of art knowledge".

2- The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Despite the painful memory of 9/11 and the feelings of pain it brings to the United States of America and around the world, New York State has turned this painful memory into a tourist attraction and today is one of the tourist hubs most important in New York, the 9/11 Memorial.

The memorial center contains the names of those who died in the accident, and there is an exhibit featuring the remaining objects, which bear traces of the destruction to which the building was subjected. Furthermore, a complete presentation of the famous accident is offered to all visitors who wish to learn more about the graphic details of the accident.

At the 9/11 Memorial Square, a huge pool with a magnificent fountain has been built for visitors to take the most beautiful photos, so don't miss this noteworthy visit.

3- The Museum of Modern Art

Browse contemporary art in a large museum; something that interests art lovers from all over the world, so if you belong to this category of art lovers, be sure to visit the Museum of Modern Art, or as it is called globally, "MoMA", this museum whose walls house nearly 150,000 distinctive works of art.

The walls of the Museum of Modern Art house a collection of world-famous paintings, such as Van Gogh's "Starry Night". The museum is therefore a permanent refuge for lovers of art in general and contemporary art in particular.

The museum opens its doors to the public for free on Fridays of each week, so we advise you to check the dates of visits to the museum via its official website.

4- The American Museum of Natural History

Tourism in New York will lead you to an interesting destination, the "American Museum of Natural History", a prestigious museum that exhibits various figures and samples of living organisms, i.e. men, animals and plants, as well as a collection of rocks and fossils dating back thousands of years ago.

 These specimens were obtained from several parcels of land and collected at the American Museum of Natural History. It should be noted that this large museum is counted among the largest museums in the world, as it is made up of twenty-seven interconnected buildings and is divided into numerous sections; in this way the visitor can precisely identify all the samples, which exceed 32 million different samples of living and fossil organisms.

The American Museum of Natural History was built in 1869, covering an area of 150,000 square meters, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in New York today.

The most important shopping malls in New York

1- Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is one of the most important entertainment centers in the city. Both tourists and local residents gather there every day. Rockefeller Square can get very busy; however, it is worth a visit as there are different ways to entertain yourself, there are designated areas for skiing and numerous boutiques for shopaholics of international brands.

At the end of the entertainment tour, you can sit down in one of the restaurants that characterize the center. During the warmer months, visitors can dine al fresco, amidst the Manhattan skyline that surrounds it on all sides. It is truly one of the most important destinations in New York and the most attractive for tourists from all over the world.

2- Chelsea Market

Your visit to New York won't be complete without a visit to Chelsea Market, a large market that has gained local and even international fame in just a few years. This huge market was opened in 1997 and has received visits due to its proximity to the Hudson River, where the food is served. Today it has become the most famous market in New York.

You may be surprised by the long aisles of this market, which contain different types of goods, and you will also be surprised by the different restaurants offering items you may have never heard of, but we promise you will leave grateful for this wonderful experience which will allow you to taste the new, or at least to eat your usual, perfectly prepared food.

More NYC attractions

1- St. Patrick's Cathedral St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral occupies an important place among New York's tourist attractions, being one of the religious and archaeological monuments of midtown Manhattan, and receives millions of visits every year, thanks to the elegant architectural design of the cathedral, which represents the style gothic in its best form.

The cathedral suffered some collapses, for which the US government undertook a massive restoration, precisely in 2012, which cost 175 million dollars.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is located near Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan, so don't miss this rich tour, as well as don't forget to take the most beautiful photos with the walls of the cathedral, as well as in its historic old square.

2- Broadway route

Walking along Broadway is a major issue when visiting New York City, as this broad avenue with a great extension in the city includes the most important entertainment destinations. Every year Broadway witnesses important festivals and events in New York and receives millions of visits every year, being the center of the city and an important haven for tourists.

Broadway Street's most prominent feature is the grand theatre, which periodically presents professional plays, and is therefore a permanent haven for celebrities and an important meeting place for lovers of light and theatre.

3-Greenwich Village

Many consider Greenwich Village to be a small town in New York, as it is a busy place for visitors throughout the year due to its various attractions. As well as a cluster of upscale cafes and bars.

Walking through Greenwich Village will amaze you, as this village contains a cluster of elegant buildings, which you will only see in artistic paintings, so we advise you not to miss this illustrious tour, which will inform you about life in the United States of America. America, where in the evenings there is freedom and loud music, and the most popular nightclub in New York for lovers of this type of entertainment.

Also, you can meet people of different nationalities roaming around this village that never sleeps.

Tourism in New York is not traditional tourism, despite our presentation of a large group of major tourist attractions in New York, nicknamed the "Big Apple", this wonderful city still has many things that have not yet been listed.

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