misr international university info


misr international university info
misr international university info

Misr International University is a private university in the Arab Republic of Egypt, located 69 km from Cairo Ismailia Desert Road in kaliobiya governorate, specifically in Obour City.

About the University

Since the establishment of Misr International University, the university has been committed to academic excellence and quality education. Considering what the university has achieved, everyone feels proud of the achievements of the University and the constant striving for the intellectual, professional and creative development of its students.

MIU fully understands the importance of openness to the world. Therefore, we have a variety of contacts with prestigious American and European universities, which provides our students with a golden opportunity to prepare for entering the global labor market.

Through our ongoing commitment to excellence and our unwavering focus on our growing student population, Misr International University will continue to provide the skills and knowledge that tomorrow's professionals need.

Misr International University offers a unique educational experience that integrates the Egyptian and Western systems, which allows the university to constantly develop itself by developing new courses and applying the latest educational methodologies.

The mission of Misr International University for the next two years is to expand the focus of the institution by creating a postgraduate program. Also, MIU plans to introduce new areas of specialization at various faculties.

Students attending MIU learn certain skills that prepare them to enter the world of work today with pride and competence.

History of Misr International University

Misr International University was established in 1996 by former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak by Presidential Decree No. 246 with the aim of developing an academic institution that directly and honestly addresses the practical realities of the XXI century. The university has been a member of the Union of Arab universities since March 1997.

Faculties inside the university

Faculty of tongues and media

Faculty of Business Administration and international trade

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Engineering Sciences and arts

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